Untitled Navel Vore Story

"I seriously can't eat another bite tonight hon, I'm way too tired." Kevin laid back, rubbing over his swollen gut. The otter had grown a lot since he started going out with Andrew, mostly in his midsection, as his weight had ballooned up over 400 pounds.

"Awww... but you were suppose to eat me tonight, c'mon c'mon c'mon!" Andrew snuggled up to his side, his fluffy white feline fur tickling the otter.

"You know I have to get up early tomorrow," he looked at his overly energetic boyfriend's bright smile, slowly turning into a frown, "... one more cookie, but then bed."

"Okay okay... I'll have to join you later, just got way too much energy tonight." Andrew shoved a big chocolate chip cookie into Kevin's mouth, purring loudly as the otter chewed it up and took it down in one labored swallow. After a tight hug and a warm kiss, the otter waddled off to bed, leaving Andrew alone in the living room.

"Poor guy, he could eat so much more if he wasn't tired all of the time..." the cat thought to himself, flipping through the television channels. Of course nothing worth watching was on at this hour, so he just waited to hear snoring from the bedroom. He knew Kevin slept like a rock, so once he was out, he could go play with his belly, which was much more entertaining to him than anything on cable.

Looking into the bedroom, Andrew saw his big sexy boyfriend laying on his side, sawing logs. He could just barely see the bright blue bikini briefs under the curve of the otter's gut, which was sunk into the padding of the mattress, causing it to sink down into the springs. Andrew sat himself down on the edge of the bed, rubbing lightly over the light brown fur of the belly, grinning as he moved a finger around the dark rim of Kevin's belly button.

It almost faded to black on the otherwise bright fur of the otter. Navels had always intrigued the cat, and he loved watching Kevin's grow bigger and deeper. He gently poked two fingers at it, wiggling them into the fat and giggling as they sunk deeper. Kevin snorted for a second and Andrew stayed still, hoping that he hadn't accidentally woken him, but that concern was relieved once the snores resumed.

Andrew teased at the belly for a while longer, keeping his fingers in the navel and petting it with his other paw. He yawned lightly and realized he was starting to get sleepy, so he started to move his fingers back out of Kevin's navel. But they wouldn't budge. He wiggled them and tried to split them apart, but they felt warm and kind of sticky, and his other fingers were forced to fold up as he found the front of his palm getting tugged in. Panicking, he gripped his wrist with his other paw, yanking his fingers free.

Now he was confused, but also hightly intrigued. Was he just delusional from being sleepy, or was Kevin's belly trying to suck him in? He decided the best thing to do would be to test it, just to see if his mind was playing tricks on him. Andrew hopped off the bed and went to the kitchen, coming back to the bedroom with a banana. He peeled it and put one end up to the otter's navel. He nearly screamed as it started to get sucked down into Kevin's belly, but kept quiet as to not wake him up, while it slid deeper and deeper inside until it was gone.

Andrew didn't know what to think, had no idea what could have caused this to happen, the only thought in his brain was to put something else inside. So he grabbed the nearest thing to his paws that looked like it would fit, the bedroom TV remote. Inch by inch it was sucked down into the otter's round belly, and soon it was gone as well. So he put the banana peel over the navel, and gasped as it quickly got sucked up.

Entranced, Andrew just stared at the darkness of Kevin's deep navel, it looked a little bigger than before. While thinking of what to put into it next, the otter shifted in his sleep, tossing the sheets up over his belly, and when a corner lodged its way into the navel, they began to get sucked down. The cat didn't move as the blanket disappeared into Kevin's bulk, all he could do was push out at the bulk of his belly afterwards, smiling as it felt as soft as the blanket that was just absorbed.

Suddenly, he got an idea. He ran back into the kitchen and returned with a two-liter of pop, twisting off the cap and upending it into the darkness of Kevin's navel. The level of pop slowly dropped down, bubbles of air floating to the top like when a water cooler is drained. Once the whole bottle was drained, Andrew gasped as Kevin's navel expanded around the empty bottle and sucked it in too.

The belly rumbled for a bit as the carbonation worked around, until the opening in Kevin's navel opened slightly and began to, well, belch! It slowly worked all of the carbonation out, the loud sound echoing in the small room. It wasn't quite as loud as the otter normally belched, but considering where it came from, he would have been impressed with himself if he was awake.

Kevin shifted in his sleep again, moving onto his backside, mountain of a belly pointed straight up and looking 50 pounds heavier. Most of that was volume from the blanket, but it still looked very impressive to the cat. He stood up at the end of the bed and looked into the otter's dark navel, thinking. "I wonder if I can fit in through there..."

Curiousity quickly got the better of the cat. He climbed up between Kevin's feet and looked down at the center of Kevin's gut, his navel was definitely much larger than it had been. Slowly he settled down against the sphere, nuzzling at the broad belly button and poking his nose down against it.

The opening needed hardly any encouragement to begin sucking Andrew down. It spread open and wrapped around his muzzle, a gush of air blowing across the short fur as he started to sink in. It was warm and sticky, Andrew realized he was being pulled directly into the otter's fat. Another tug and his eyes were pushed against bellyfur, as his nose pushed through the stomach lining and into the cavern of Kevin's gut.

As he stared at the otter's fur, it started to get darker, and he felt himself sinking. The opening was spreading out further around him, and it stretched until it was big enough to tug down his whole head. With his shoulders resting on the soft flab of the otter's gut, Andrew felt it spread out further to wrap around the broadest part of his lithe body. Once it was open this wide, the cat really started moving down quickly. Inch by inch he disappeared down like he was being sucked into quicksand. The navel pulled down over his chest, then his waist, stretched back around his hips, and then squeezed his legs together tightly as it tugged the cat down with ease.

With the hole held open, Andrew could still hear Kevin's snores on the outside. His knees knocked together roughly, causing him to shake around a bit as the pain stung him, and suddenly the snores stopped. The otter awoke, blinking and looking down to his belly, seeing two white footpaws and a fluffy tailtip protruding from his belly button. He didn't know what had happened, and he was too tired to care, so he just reached down and shoved them down the rest of the way, rolling back over onto his side.

"Good night Andrew, you'll have some explaining to do come morning..."

The cat just purred contently, deep inside of his boyfriend as the otter's navel shrunk back down to hold him inside. He tugged the blanket inside around himself, wiggling into a comfy position that made Kevin's flabby gut wobble for a while, but soon enough the otter was back to snoring, curled up against his monstrous midsection.